Print and Mail Marketing Stats You Should Know

We’ve all heard the news that print marketing is outdated. But some companies are finding that the numbers are telling a different story.

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What You’ll Learn

Print & Mail Stats

Numbers don’t lie. Discover the statistics that are causing major brands to rethink their position on print marketing.

Millennials & Mail

They grew up on digital but print still makes an impact. Find out how millennials react to print.

Print & Digital Together

Find out how combining print and digital can take your marketing to the next level and improve ROI

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D3 has been helping our clients communicate effectively for over 25 years. We started our work focused on print, mail and fulfillment. Over the years our expertise grew to accommodate the stringent security protocol associated with financial and health care transactional document processing. Over time we’ve expanded our services to offer our clients multi-channel marketing solutions with a full in-house team of marketing and creative staff.
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