2024 Colors of the Year: Round Up

While Pantone may be the reigning monarch of color, the vibrant spectrum of 2024 extends beyond its regal grasp. Join us in this exciting roundup as we explore the diverse and captivating Colors of the Year from various sources, each painting a unique canvas for the upcoming year.

Pantone: Peach Fuzz – A Soft, Peachy-pink

Pantone kicks off the color revelry with “Peach Fuzz,” a gentle pinky-orange that beckons us to slow down and embrace self-care. Evoking the tactile sensuality of velvety peaches and soft marabou feathers, this romantic hue is a fitting reflection of our collective human needs and desires in challenging times.

Behr: Cracked Pepper – Sophisticated Soft Black

  • Behr introduces “Cracked Pepper,” a versatile soft black that effortlessly elevates both the room and the mood within it. This sophisticated hue transcends sight, awakening the senses and exuding confidence. It acts as a soothing anchor, enveloping every corner of a home in a calming embrace.

Sherwin Williams: Silver Lining – Blissful Breezy Pale Blue

  • Sherwin Williams presents “Silver Lining,” a breezy, blissful pale blue named “Upward.” This color encourages us to slow down, take a breath, and clear the mind. Radiating relaxed and carefree vibes, it’s a sunny-day shade that infuses spaces with positive energy, creative thinking, and total contentment.

Worth Global Style Network & Coloro: Apricot Crush – Energetic Radiant Orange 

  • Worth Global Style Network brings us “Apricot Crush,” a bright tone of orange heralding playfulness. Forecasted to connect with beauty products and evoke a sense of restorative energy, this hue embraces the themes of care, connection, and community. It serves as a beacon of hope in times of uncertainty, and picks up on the nutritional richness of oranges and apricots.

Movie Fans’ Choice: Barbie Pink – Timeless Magenta 

  • Movie fans have spoken, and the color that stole the spotlight is the timeless “Barbie Pink” – a radiant magenta. While the hex code might vary, its iconic status remains unchanged. Currently donning a hot pink hue, it continues to captivate with its bold, vibrant presence, making a statement across generations.

As we continue into the colorful realm of 2024, these chosen hues offer a tapestry of emotions, from the soothing and nurturing to the energetic and bold. Let these Colors of the Year inspire your own vibrant journey through the coming months. Cheers to a year painted in endless possibilities and hues that resonate with our collective spirit! Check out some of these amazing colors in action on the Color of the Week series on LinkedIn and  Facebook!

Mattie’s designs make a company come alive. She has an innate ability to find just the right colors and styles to make a brand stand out. With a BFA in illustration and graphic design, she has helped large and small companies discover their unique look. Her design savvy is also evident in the creatively decorated home that she shares with her husband, daughters, dog, and two cats. They make it a point to find time to escape New England’s cold every year for a vacation somewhere warm.

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