Credit Union Trusts D3 to Deliver

This credit union needed to know that important transactional documents were always secure, accurate and delivered on time. Saving money was just a bonus.

In financial document processing there is zero room for error. This credit union needed a partner that could ensure the security of sensitive client data. Their current vendor struggled to keep up with deadlines and mistakes in the documents were an ongoing problem.

How D3 helped

  • Built a secure data transfer portal that would work with existing systems.
  • A great communications and logistics plan that made meeting deadlines easy. 
  • Increased document accuracy with D3’s internal checks and balances.

The Results

  • Improved document accuracy
  • Deadlines always met
  • 10% cost reduction
  • Great customer service

President & CEO

A true entrepreneur, Ralph knows what it takes to make a successful business. As president and CEO of D3, he combines his years of marketing experience with a passion for the latest technology. Those things, combined with Ralph’s dedication to client satisfaction, are what makes D3 such a success. Although he enjoys his work, his true loves are his wife, sons, and dog. They spend family time at the beach, scuba diving, and getting in a round of golf here and there.

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