Retargeted Direct Mail

Imagine looking online for a new bicycle. You check out a few websites and even some social media. Then your toddler starts throwing a tantrum and you are forced to forget about bicycles for now. 

A few days later you get a personalized postcard featuring that bike you really loved. It also contains a personalized website code for 20% off. How can you resist? You buy the bike. 

We have the tools to track online marketing interactions – whether on a website, email or through social media. Retargeted Direct Mail allows you to leverage that information by sending personalized direct mail within 24 hours of the initial interaction.

Mail pieces can be hyper-targeted and sent while a brand and products are top of mind. Marketers saw a 300-400% lift in conversion rates when using Retargeted Direct Mail.


Direct mail takes weeks to create, design and send.


With retargeted direct mail, a mailpiece can be sent within 12-24 hours of a digital interaction.

65% of marketing respondents reported an increase in website traffic.

47% of marketing respondents reported an increase in conversions. 

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President & CEO

A true entrepreneur, Ralph knows what it takes to make a successful business. As president and CEO of D3, he combines his years of marketing experience with a passion for the latest technology. Those things, combined with Ralph’s dedication to client satisfaction, are what makes D3 such a success. Although he enjoys his work, his true loves are his wife, sons, and dog. They spend family time at the beach, scuba diving, and getting in a round of golf here and there.

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